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4 Ways to prove you’ve had the all the COVID-19 Vaccines

Vaccinations against COVID-19 in Australia started in late February, with a path of who would be eligible for the immunisation laid out by the Australian government. All Australians from the age of 18 years old are eligible for vaccinations.

After you’ve had the two COVID-19 vaccine doses required, they are automatically recorded in your Immunisation History with the Australian Immunisation Register.

There are four ways you can find proof that you have been vaccinated:

  1.  By getting a COVID-19 digital certificate using your Medicare online account through myGov:

    • Sign in to your myGov account You need your Username and Password to get into Medicare Online.When you login they will send you an SMS with a 6 digit code to type in for extra security.

    • Once you have logged in, choose the Medicare option.

    • Choose Immunisation History on Services section at the bottom of the page

    • Choose your name if there is more than one person on the account.

    • Click on View Covid-19 Digital Certificate. You can print this.

  2. Access a COVID-19 digital certificate using your Medicare mobile app on your smartphone.

    • The Services Section of the App has the Immunisation History . View Covid-19 Digital Certificate. You can save this on your phone.

  3. If you can’t use Medicare online or don’t have a myGov Account, your vaccination provider or your Doctor at Annandale Family Doctors can print your immunisation history statement for you from the Australian Immunisation register.

  4. You can also call the Australian Immunisation Register on 1800 653 809 from 8am- 5pm and ask them to send your immunisation history statement to you. It can take up to 14 days to arrive by mail.

Once you’ve had all the COVID-19 vaccinations, you will see these recorded on your Immunisation History Statement. Your vaccination provider needs to report your vaccination information to the Australian Immunisation Register  before it will appear on your statement. This might take a few days. The COVID-19 Digital Certificate only shows COVID-19 vaccines approved for use in Australia.

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What are the potential benefits of getting proof of completing the COVID-19 vaccines?

The main benefit of getting proof of your vaccinations is so that when the Australian Borders reopen to overseas travel you might need to show the Certificate to Border Control Authorities to get permission to leave the country.

It may also be needed as Proof of Vaccination at the Destination country you will be entering.

Vaccine Certificates may also be required by your employer e.g. if you are a Quarantine or Hotel worker.

If you have any questions about COVID or vaccination, contact Annandale Family Doctors.

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