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Appointment information


All of our doctors' consultations are by appointment, except for emergencies. If your doctor is unavailable, you are welcome to see any other doctor in the practice, or you can book ahead for your preferred doctor's next session. To make an appointment, please call us on (02) 9660 7208 or use the link below to book online at Health Engine.


Standard Consultations

Standard consultation times are usually about 15 minutes. This is generally long enough to discuss a single medical issue or two simple issues. If you have several issues that you wish to discuss, please book a longer consultation at the time of booking.


Longer Consultations

If you wish to discuss several issues that will take longer than 15 minutes, please advise our reception staff and they will make a longer appointment for you. Appointments for full health checks like Care plans, mental health plans and some medical procedures (biopsies, excisions, pap smears) usually require a longer consultation. If you are unsure, please ask at reception.


New Patients

All of our doctors are pleased to take on new patients, and we look forward to welcoming you. If you haven’t visited us before, it is recommended to arrive 10 minutes early so you have time to have your details put into our system.


On Arrival

When you arrive, please ensure you let a receptionist know you have arrived. It is important that you check in so your doctor is aware you have arrived. Please also inform a receptionist if you are suffering from a Medical Emergency when you arrive such as:

  • Shortness of Breath

  • Chest Pain

  • Bleeding

  • Allergic Reaction



General practice is very unpredictable and unfortunately, Medical Emergencies can occur.  Despite our best efforts the doctors can fall behind. We thank you in your understanding of this. Please feel free to phone the practice before you arrive for your appointment to check whether your doctor is running on time or is delayed.

Doctor explaining to a patient
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