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The My Health Record opt-out deadline has been extended. Here's what you need to know

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Health Minister Greg Hunt has extended the opt-opt period for the My Health system until January 31, 2019.

What the Government says will change

A Senate inquiry into the function of My Health Record has made several recommendations aimed at improving the security of the system, as well as advocating the opt-out period be extended for 12 months.

Last week, Mr Hunt announced additional changes to the legislation:

  • The penalties for improper use of My Health Record will be increased.

  • To protect those in family violence situations, a person will not be allowed to be the authorised representative of a minor if they have restricted access to the child, or may pose a risk to the child, or a person associated with the child.

  • Employers will be prohibited from asking for or using an employee's My Health Record information.

  • Insurers will be excluded from accessing health information or deidentified health data for research.

  • The ADHA won't be able to delegate functions of the system to any authority other than the Department of Health and the chief executive of Medicare.

More details here

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